Andy Wagner Departures Album Cover


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Departures Hand Packaged CD


“As soon as I put on the album, it came on with piano, acoustic guitar and a harmonica. Oh lord, are we ripping off Dylan or Tweedy? In reality, it’s a little of both I suppose, even some Elliott Smith. The songs are pretty and arranged very simply, but very well. There are strong elements of road weariness and distant loves. Definitely a good break-up album: Sad, but not self-indulgent or awash in self-pity. It seems genuine. The songs are delicate, and the simplicity of the arrangements remind me of Nick Drake. The instrumentation and lyrics hang in that balance where neither overpowers the other. — Anna Wilson (LEO WEEKLY)


All songs written and performed by Andy Wagner

Matt Martin – Change/keys in pocket, shakers, electric guitar, background vox, bass, sk1, piano, radio fuzz
Mark Benson – Drums
Maria McCullough – Violin
Jason Eckerson – Bass

Recorded by Matt Martin and Andy Wagner in New Orleans, LA and Chicago, IL except:
Perfect Harmony – recorded by Matt Dewine and Andy Wagner – Chicago, IL

Produced by Matt Martin and Andy Wagner

Mastered by Bruce Barielle

Cover and CD art by Craig Blakeman

Liner image by Nora McCommiskey

Layout and telephone lines by Joshua Dumas

All songs © Andy Wagner 2006