by Andy Wagner



Tell me where you think you’re going
How ya gonna get there now?
Funny how the days are flowing
One becomes the next and now

I could use a little light to help me
Find my way back home
I would even take a smile from someone
Who I don’t even know

I’m sleeping when the sun goes down
I wake up when I hear the sound
Of echoes from the other room
But you’re nowhere to be found
How long should I wait around?
I thought you said you’d be back soon

I think I’m losing my mind
And I might just let it go
Whoever I was before is someone
You no longer know

I called you but you’re still not there
You vanished like a breath of air
Nothing’s good until it’s gone
Never knew how much I cared
I admit that I was scared
And I know now that I was wrong

I’ll keep the fire burning
So you can follow the smoke
I’m not that far away
So don’t you give up hope


released May 29, 2020
Joshua Dumas: Synthesizers, Field Recordings
Adam Przybyla - Pedal Steel
Samuel Stiles - Acoustic Guitars, Baritone Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Suitcase, Backing Vocals
Andy Wagner - Piano, Vocals

Individual tracks recorded by Joshua Dumas, Adam Przybyla, Samuel Stiles and Andy Wagner

Mixed and mastered by Andy Wagner


all rights reserved



Andy Wagner Denver, Colorado

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